Monday, February 10, 2014

Dressing up for the cold in the south

Here in Texas, we can have a little trouble looking good in the winter, especially if in one day you go from 30 to 70 degrees as does occasionally happen.  I have found the best is, a turtle neck long sleeve black or white T, a flannel shirt, a cardigan or turtle neck sweater, and a blazer (gray in my case).   Add a pair of gloves and maybe two hats, depending how much hair you have.  Long handles under your pants.  This is of course for people who have similar jobs to by secular job which means in and out of the car all, day, and expected by your boss to be in business formal.

So I leave the house in full ensemble with my cold weather fur cap (I am bald by the way, so I need to keep heat in on top.  By lunch time it is warming up, so off comes the turtleneck sweater, but the blazer remains.  Change from cold weather cap to cool weather cap.  About 3 it is warming up more, so off comes the flannel shirt.  Still warmer by five, so off with the blazer. (and long johns)  The turtle neck still looks good with nice slacks and I look respectable.    More important health wise, I haven't gotten too cold nor have I  overheated.  Part of what helps this to  work is not turning the car heater on, or putting it on low.

While I do agree the biggest reason for colds in winter is because we are packed up together, I don't thing that going from blazing hot to freezing cold is very healthy either.

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